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TONG HSING Has Implemented EICC Code of Conduct

TONG HSING(TH) is committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2013, TH established RBA(EICC) Committee, which is directly under Operation Committee, to implement RBA Code of Conduct and improve the Company's corporate culture and management system. TH hopes to put the concept of "taking from the community and giving back to society" into practice.

Among the many suppliers that make up the semi-conductor industry supply chain, TH plays a leading and vital role by demanding all suppliers to comply with RBA Code of Conduct so to enhance the recognition of corporate social responsibility as a global citizen.

For more information, please log onto www.eicc.info . If you find any TH employee violates
RBA Code of Conduct, please contact us via CSR@theil.com; we will investigate any misconduct and keep your information confidential.

Suppliers are also required to meet all conditions as above-mentioned and avoid dealing with non-recognized governments or rebel groups.

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Ltd. Social Responsibility Policy

Tong Hsing Electronic is a professional factory manufacturing microelectronic structures and circuit boards, the company is good as far as corporate responsibility for the society is concerned, and complies with the EICC criteria and SA8000 system, and the established social responsibility policy are as follows:
Abide to the laws and regulations, and fulfill social responsibilities.
Continue to operate with integrity and comply with corporate governance.
Pay attention to the rights of employees and create a friendly workplace.

Commitment and assurance that meet the following criteria:

  1. Respect for labor rights, protection of labor freedom of choice of occupation, freedom of association, not to use child labor, protection of the rights and interest of women workers and health, no discrimination and prohibition of any inhumane treatment, wages and welfare, labor workers are required to comply with the laws and regulations, and all personnel are obliged to abide by the specifications stated above.
  2. To provide labor safety and heath: the protection of labor occupation safety, provide emergency awareness plan, management occupation injury and disease, control hazards, evaluation and control of special physical requirements, implementation of the work effectiveness of machine protection, maintain public hygiene, cleanliness of the dinning area and of the dormitory.
  3. Protection of environment: reduction of the social, environmental and natural resources, adverse effects while protecting the health and safety of the public, made environmental permits and necessary reports, pollution prevention and resource conservation, control of chemical and hazardous substances, waste water, solid waste, air emissions are properly handled, abide by the relevant laws of products harmful substances control regulations.
  4. Strictly commercial ethics: integrity management, all legitimate income, public business and financial information, abide by the anti-corruption laws, respect intellectual property rights, perform even bargain advertising and competition standards, not the use of mineral areas of conflict, the personal data protection business dealings, and to comply with the privacy and security regulations, provide anonymous grievance procedures to protect whistleblowers identity, formulate protection program to avoid retaliation whistleblowers.
  5. To establish the management system related to: compliance with the labor, health and safety, environment, moral commitment, determine the management responsibilities and regular inspection, monitoring and audit law applicable and customer requirements, risk assessment and risk management, establish performance goals and regular assessment, communication program for training program and labor.

The company in addition to self regulation will continue to educate and advocate the employees, customers and suppliers, to understand and maintain this policy, and work together towards the target to practice corporate social responsibility.

Labor Relations

Employee benefit plans, continuing education, training, retirement systems, and the status of their implementation, and the status of labor-management agreements and measures for preserving employees’ rights and interest:

1. Employee Benefits.

  • (1) Employee Benefit Plan: To ensure that our employees are motivated to work and at the same time relieve their family from financial burdens, apart from the relevant laws and regulations, we also provide extra insurance to give extra protection in case of casualties or hospitalization. Employees also receive special subsidies for weddings and funerals, according to the Company’s regulations for the matter.
  • (2) Employee welfare committee regularly holds communication meetings, employee outings and recreational activities, etc., to enhance mutual communication and physical and mental relaxation of employees.

2. Retirement System

  • The company's retirement system is governed by the “Labor Act”

3. Learning and Training

  • (1) On-the-Job Learning: To implement the concept that “Employee growth drives company progress,” the Company provides domestic and international courses for related training from time to time to enhance professional knowledge of our employees and cultivate talents.
  • (2) Family Education Subsidies: we highly value our employees’ and their children’s education. We provide scholarships when qualifications are met.
  • (3) Company Celebration and Sports Events: To relieve the daily work pressure of the employees, the Company holds various recreational events and gatherings from time to time.

4. Employee Communication or Dispute:

Since our establishment, we’ve been committed to establishing a trustworthy, cooperative working atmosphere and environment to form a harmonious relationship with the employees and to discuss and resolve problems as they arise.

All provisions concerning employee benefits are implemented in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Any new or revised provisions will be finalized after a thorough discussion by both parties.

The following measures are taken to prevent future labor disputes:

  • (1) Implement an employee benefit program that is superior to the “Labor Act” requirements.
  • (2) Hold labor meetings on a regular basis
  • (3) Provide extra channels to facilitate communication between management and employees.
  • (4) Reinforce Labor-Management Ethics

5. Working environment and employee safety protection measures

All related systems shall be implemented based on rules stipulated under the “Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act” and other relevant provisions

  • (1) We provide health checkups and training regarding occupational safety and health management before new-hires are on board.
  • (2) Carry out regular employee health checkups, provide necessary protective equipment and give specific checkups for the workers who are engaged in tasks exposed to health hazards, as well as hold safety and health education courses and regular fire drill.
  • (3) Foster a maternity protection and friendly workplace by providing; a private nursing room, on-site medical services and care for employees exposing to high risks workplace, parking permits to pregnant female employees, group insurance subsidies and referrals to nearby child-care centers, and ensuring proper management of occupational hazards. These services help female employees maintain their work and family life balance.


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