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THEIL is committed to meet and exceed the ever-changing quality requirements of our customers. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction through technology leadership, sevice excellence, and management by the participation of all employees in our quality program. Our exceptional quality is built into each item. Therefore, our quality assurance system encompasses all aspects of our operations: Product research and development, document control, supplies inspection, manufacturing material control, precision test equipment, and standard operating procedures. Through hard work and accumulated experience, we strive to achieve "zero-defects" in manufacturing.

Quality Policy

Commitment to Quality

Providing excellent products and services to meet customer’s quality requirements.

Excellence in quality is at the forefront of all our activities. At Tong Hsing there is no compromise of quality.

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Ltd. (THEIL) has been manufacturing ceramic thick film printing and firing since 1979. In 1979, THEIL started production of hybrid modules. Since our manufacturing technological abilities are unique in the industry, THEIL has become an industry leader. THEIL has invested heavily into automation in all manufacturing areas including SMT , chip and wire, thick film print and fire, and associated processes. Hereby, we can provide our customers with the highest quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.

THEIL is committed to its business philosophy of constantly building long term WIN/WIN relationships. We want to thank all of our customers for their support and for making THEIL a leader in the competitive electronics' industry. We continue to accomplish this goal by constantly improving both the quality of our products and the quality of our service.

HSF Policy

Regulatory compliance, Continuous improvement, Caring for the community, Caring for the environment

Quality System

Incoming QC:
* Incoming inspection
* Vendor survey
* Stockroom quality audit
* Nonconforming material disposition
* Material evaluation.

Incoming QC:
* In-process control
* Process examination
* Process capability evaluation
* Process roving audit
* Action analysis and feedback.

QA Engineering:
* Final inspection
* Reliability test and defects analysis
* Analysis and evaluation of product durability
* Customer complain disposition
* Action analysis and feedback.

Calibration Engineering:
* Calibration of measuring equipment
* Setting up standard procedure of calibration
* Setting up automatic recall system
* Custody and tracing system
* Cross-check measuring equipment irregularly
* The retaining and analysis of calibration records
* Setting up the function correlation system for the measuring installation testing center

Quality Roadmap & Accomplishments

* 2012 - Accomplishments: Pass ISO13485:2003

* 2010 - Accomplishments: Pass AS9100

* 2008 - Quality Roadmap: Implement 6 sigma

* 2006 - Quality Roadmap: Proceed and Implement TS16949 and OHSAS 18001

* 2006 - Accomplishments: Pass TS16949

* 2004 - Quality Roadmap: Proceed and Implement ISO2000

* 2004 - Accomplishments: Pass ISO2000 and QS9000

* 1998 - Quality Roadmap: Proceed and Implement QS9000; Phase into QS9000 system

* 1998 - Accomplishments: Pass QS9000; Continuously Improve Quality; Implement QS9000

* 1993 - Quality Roadmap: Proceed and Implement ISO9002; SPC program; Phase into ISO9000 system

* 1993 - Accomplishments: Pass ISO9002; Train and Implement SPC system

* 1989 - Quality Roadmap: Proceed IECQ; QC System

* 1989 - Accomplishments: Pass IECQ; Establish Calibration Lab; Build QC System

In order to ensure the consistency and reliability of our products, Tong Hsing has implemented complete ATE and active laser trimming. Together with various environmental testing equipment such as thermal cycling, humidity, burn-in testing; these provide our customers with complete solutions and make the strict environmental requirements of automotive applications.

State-Of-The-Art Quality System

Tong Hsing’s exceptional quality control starts at the very beginning of every project. (C-SAM, SEM/EDX) Our quality assurance system includes product research and development, document control, incoming inspection, manufacturing quality control, precision and test system, and standard operating procedures. Through hard work and accumulated experience, we achieved zero defeat in manufacturing. ISO 9001, TS 16949 as well as the AS9100 certification is proof positive of international recognition of Tong Hsing’s quality. With international recognition and acceptance of ISO 14001 in 2001 and OHSAS 18001 in 2006, we continue reduce all environmental impacts to meet government regulations.

Quality Management - . C_SAM


Quality Management - . SEM EDX


Quality Management - . RD


Quality Management - . document control

document control

Quality Management - . Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Quality Management - . Wire Pull

Wire Pull

Quality Management - . Die Shear

Die Shear

Quality Management - . ISO9001_TS16949_AS9100


Quality Management - . ISO14001_OHSAS19001



Substrate Manufacturing Services - Thin Film Substrate(DPC)

Substrate Manufacturing Services - Thin Film Substrate(DPC)

Thin Film DPC Substrate 1. High Power LED 2. Microwave (Wireless Communication) 3. Semiconductor Process Equipment 4. Solar Cell 5. Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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Assembly Packaging - COB

Assembly Packaging - COB

COB:- Fine Au, Al wire with diameter from 2 mils down to 0.8 mils. - Ball bonds, wedge-wedge and ribbon bonds. - Minimum bond pitch at 3.5 mils. - Die bond accuracy down to 10 micron. - Capable of handling six different dice. - Wafer mapping as well as dice are available.

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Direct Bonded Copper | Ceramic Thin Film & Thick Film Substrate Manufacturing - Tong Hsing

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd. is a Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) | Direct Plated Copper (DPC) substrate manufacturer since 1975.

Tong Hsing is a service provider of RF and Microwave Modules , SiP and MEMS packaging in Asia Pacific, and the latest design guidelines including SMD, COB, Backend, CSP, Thick Film Metallized Substrate, DPC, Multi-layer DPC, Control Plan for Electro Plating Cu / Ni / Au.

Tong Hsing has been offering customers high-quality direct bonded copper substrate manufacturing services, both with the sophisticated thin/thick film technology and 44 years of experience, Tong Hsing ensures each client's demands are met.

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