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Tong Hsing has been awarded the 25th National Quality Award2018/12/06
Tong Hsing awarded the top 500 of The International Trade Outstanding Export/Import Business

Tong Hsing Electronic Ind.,Ltd. has been issued this Award in special recognition of its outstanding business record in 2015,ranking it among the top 500 companies in terms of export/import performance, and to offer encouragement.

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd. acquired Longtan work site2014/12/5
Tong Hsing Electronics Appoints Chia-Shy Chang as Vice President on Jul. 4th, 20132013/07/09
Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd. Appoints Heinz Ru President on Jun. 19, 20132013/06/19
Tong Hsing Via the ISO13485:2003 Medical Device quality management standard

"ISO13485 Quality management system for the design of medical systems"

Tong Hsing has been awarded the Outstanding Photonics Product Award 2012

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, LTD.

Tong Hsing – Presented with “Awards for International Trade in 2010”

The 19th Taiwan Excellence Awards (2011)

Building D at the Taipei factory was completed at the end of June this year2011/09/07
Tong Hsing Brings Down Costs with Copper-plated Ceramic

SEMI Global Update, Paula Doe/SEMI Emerging Markets, January 5, 2010 --

ANADIGICS Names Tong Hsing Supplier of the Year

Warren, New Jersey, December 14, 2009 --

Over 32,000 LEDs will power 2009 Times Square New Year's Eve Ball

LEDs MAGAZINE, November 17, 2008

Tong Hsing has been awarded the Excellent Enterprise Innovation Award2008/10/13


Substrate Manufacturing Services - Thin Film Substrate(DPC)

Substrate Manufacturing Services - Thin Film Substrate(DPC)

Thin Film DPC Substrate 1. High Power LED 2. Microwave (Wireless Communication) 3. Semiconductor Process Equipment 4. Solar Cell 5. Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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Assembly Packaging - COB

Assembly Packaging - COB

COB:- Fine Au, Al wire with diameter from 2 mils down to 0.8 mils. - Ball bonds, wedge-wedge and ribbon bonds. - Minimum bond pitch at 3.5 mils. - Die bond accuracy down to 10 micron. - Capable of handling six different dice. - Wafer mapping as well as dice are available.

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Tong Hsing Introduction

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Global Microelectronic Packaging and Ceramic Substrate Fabrication Market. Tong Hsing has been offering our customers high quality CMOS Image Sensor Packaging, MEMS Packaging, SiP Packaging, Thick Film,Thin Film Substrates, Automotive Hybrids, PA and Front-end Modules for Handsets & WLAN since 1975. With both advanced technology and 44 years experience, Tong Hsing always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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