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Tong Hsing Electronics (Phils), Inc. - . Tong Hsing Philippine Facility

Tong Hsing Philippine Facility

103 Prosperity Avenue, Carmelray International Business Park I, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna, 4028 Philippines
To visit our Philippine facility, please go to http://www.tonghsing.ph/

Tong Hsing Electronics (Philippines), Inc., a PEZA registered entity, is a fully owned company of Tong Hsing Electronics Industries Limited with head office located in Taiwan. It was established on June 1994 to manufacture various electronic packages. There are two (2) plant sites in Laguna, Philippines with state of the art assembly and test equipments.

Tong Hsing Electronics (Philippines), Inc. is one of the leading IC Hybrid assembly houses specializing on #Chip Scale Package# (CSP) – Land Grid Array (LGA) or Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages and other devices such as PCB assembly with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Chip on Board (COB) processes, Multi Chip Modules especially on RF Modules, Image Products and Ceramic Assembly manufacturing using Thick Film and DPC process . Clean room environment ranges from class 10, 100, 1000, 10K and 100K.

Tong Hsing Electronics (Philippines), Inc. VISION is EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOM ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING supported by its Quality Policy, which is “To provide Customers the Best Value through Quality Leadership and Continuous Improvement on its Products and Services”. The Management staff and employees believe that it can sustain its recognized leadership in the electronic industries as manifested in our company slogan “Competitive Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges”.

To ensure continuous improvement and to satisfy customer expectations, Tong Hsing Electronics (Philippines), Inc. adheres to the International Quality Assurance standard model of Quality System Requirements like, ISO 9001/ ISO/TS 16949 (for Automotive Quality Management System), Environmental Management System ISO 14001, and Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001.

Contact details:

Address: 103 Prosperity Avenue, Carmelray International Business Park I, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna, 4028 Philippines

Tel: (049) 549-4250; (049) 549-4252

FAX: (049) 549-2940

EMAIL: Info@net.tonghsing.ph


Substrate Manufacturing Services - Thin Film Substrate(DPC)

Substrate Manufacturing Services - Thin Film Substrate(DPC)

Thin Film DPC Substrate 1. High Power LED 2. Microwave (Wireless Communication) 3. Semiconductor Process Equipment 4. Solar Cell 5. Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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Assembly Packaging - COB

Assembly Packaging - COB

COB:- Fine Au, Al wire with diameter from 2 mils down to 0.8 mils. - Ball bonds, wedge-wedge and ribbon bonds. - Minimum bond pitch at 3.5 mils. - Die bond accuracy down to 10 micron. - Capable of handling six different dice. - Wafer mapping as well as dice are available.

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Tong Hsing Tong Hsing Electronics (Phils), Inc. Introduction

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Global Microelectronic Packaging and Ceramic Substrate Fabrication Market. Tong Hsing has been offering our customers high quality CMOS Image Sensor Packaging, MEMS Packaging, SiP Packaging, Thick Film,Thin Film Substrates, Automotive Hybrids, PA and Front-end Modules for Handsets & WLAN since 1975. With both advanced technology and 44 years experience, Tong Hsing always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd.
No. 55, Lane 365, Yingtao Rd, Yinko Dist., New Taipei City 23942, Taiwan (GPS Coordinate: N24°57.733'/E121°19.862')
TEL: 886-2-26790122 ext. 1901 or 1903
FAX: 886-2-26791211 ext. 1901 or 1903

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